Catholic Education – Archdiocese of Brisbane


Carina, Brisbane QLD



Construction Budget:

$2.7 million

Project Description:

The Dominic Centre Redevelopment was the final stage of a 5-year mater plan which aimed to provide modern teaching facilities and maximise useable external space on a densely developed campus. The project had a diverse functional brief including two senior science rooms, general learning room for RE studies, modern student amenities and change rooms, learning support and wellbeing centre, gym and IT facilities.

By replacing the original Dominic Centre (the oldest building on campus) the project occupied a very significant parcel of the school site and was to become the principal student entrance and threshold between administrative and academic facilities. It was this siting that inspired the inclusion of the extended roof structure and perforated screening as a distinct entry statement. The simple gable roof form references the scale and geometry of the original convent building adjacent. This ensures an appropriate synergy with the built context. A brick arched colonnade provides the primary structure for the roof overhang and formalises the student entry to the campus. The centre is divided into a pair of two storey extensions which engage with the existing Aquinas building to frame a central courtyard and provide the external space envisaged by the master plan.         


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